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eCommerce Fulfillment

eCommerce and Customer Satisfaction

eCommerce and Customer Satisfaction

E-commerce has been one of the largest growing markets in recent times and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Avoiding most retailers entirely, customers now want their orders shipped directly to their door in the fastest time available. Same/next day shipping is now the standard in B2C fulfillment and 2 day shipping is expected. That is not a problem for us. We can handle the picking, packing and shipping for you. We can even send confirmation emails automatically with tracking upon shipping. With API Integration, we can actually link our system directly to most online marketplaces. So when they confirm their cart it instantly sends us the order, this quick transmission of information allows us to actually start picking the orders even faster and removes any chance of error due to poor order processing. 


If your business engages in Ecommerce, we are capable of seemlessly integrating with over a dozen online marketplaces.

Cut out the need of having to send your orders somewhere to be processed. 

Our sytem instantly receives your customers purchases removing the possibility of processing error.

This tied with the immediate transmission aids us in promptly shipping your orders same day/next day. 

Our scalable fulfillment platform supports the following Ecommerce frameworks:

Reverse Logistics: Quick Returns=Return Customers

Reverse Logistics: Quick Returns=Return Customers

We can handle your return processing

Customers often determine whether or not they will buy from a brand again based on their customer service and return experience. 

Knowing this, we will hastily take care of it. Any order requiring replacement will be sent immediately to ensure customer satisfaction.

 All product that is returned to our facility will be examined upon receipt and, if applicable, restocked.

Value Added Services

Learn more about what we can do to help your eCommerce business. Promotional packaging, kitting, bagging, shrink wrapping, light assembly and marketing inserts are just a few of the things we offer to our customers.

2Day Shipping With Flat Rates.

We also offer a program that standardizes express shipping rates regardless of where it is shipping. This can give you the competitive edge in B2C fulfillment, cutting shipping costs while maintaining transit times.

NRFS can help your E-commerce business thrive.

Contact us today and let’s start working together towards success!