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Our scalable facility allows for up to 45,000 Ft² of storage area. All storage is secured and monitored with 24 hour video surveillance and a top of the line security system. 

We currently offer both long and short term storage for non-standardized rates based on usage and length of stay. 

Our integrated WMS and online applications allow you to track your current inventory in real time. 

Semiannual cycle counts are performed in order to ensure WMS accuracy. 



We currently maintain a 24 hour dock-to-stock method of receiving all inbound product and putting away said product within 24 hours of it arriving to our location. All inbound shipments upon receipt will have a receiving report sent to ensure your goods were received in full. 


Our Central location helps reduce shipping time and costs across the nation. From here freight shipments can be shipped to almost all of the United States in 2-3 days.

Working with us will allow you to take advantage of our heavily discounted freight options. Through our preferred carriers, all shipments will also be tracked, with their tracking information provided on ship date. 

Now offering standard 2Day Express shipping with competitive rates.

Automatically receive ship alerts with tracking on your 2Day Express shipments. Non-standardized discounts may apply based on order volume.

NRFS Preferred Carriers

FedEx Freight

Old Dominion Freight Lines

FedEx Express – Ground shipments

Specialized services offered by NRFS

Below are several of the various services we offer to each of our customers.

If you have an immediate need for special or custom projects please contact us immediately. We are set up to begin your project tomorrow!

This is not a complete list so if you do not see a service you require listed below, please still feel free to contact us and inquire about it. 

Kitting and sample packs are becoming popular again as many companies are relying more on new product introductions and brand expansion to build their product portfolios. At NRFS, we aim to assist you to design, kit, then fulfill promotional or sample packs that will help create demand and entice buyers.
Many retail products are often hand assembled and packed into a display that would effectively market your product at the retail level. We adapt quickly to different display units and are capable of assembling them even faster. With NRFS, you can trust they will be put together without damaging or destroying them so each unit we receive, we can ship. Examples include:
Counter Unit / PDQ Displays
Powerwing / Sidekick Displays
Gravity Feed Displays
Shrink wrapping has many applications across various industries. Shrink wrapping offers a wide range of benefits as well. Once sealed, the items are no longer vulnerable to the damage that can be caused by dust, dirt or moisture. With just a roll of shrink wrap and a heating source, you can waterproof, weatherproof and tamperproof just about anything you have. We understand the importance of aesthetics when it comes to retail. Each unit shrunk or bundled is done so ensuring your package is air tight with a sightless seal.
Promotional bundling has never looked so good.
Primary packaging refers to assembling the product’s immediate package. Secondary packaging is the additional packing given to a product to protect it. Our team of experience operators will quickly assemble your product in its retail package here in house. Afterwards, we will then package it into warehouse cartons and ship it to any of your retailers or their respective distribution centers. We will handle the production and shipping aspects of your business so you can reinvest your time further progressing your company.
At NRFS we maintain an experienced assembly/production line ready to serve you. When you need a project requiring disassembly or conversion, send it to us to complete your rework or repackaging project quickly. We have quickly made a name for ourselves based upon quick turnaround and meeting aggressive deadlines.
Reworking services can include
Component removal and repackaging
Unpacking and repackaging into new retail cartons
Repackaging imported units
Recounting case packs
Replacing outdated packaging
Component additions to kits
Reverse logistics is such an integral aspect of the sales cycle with huge potential for significant impact on business and customer satisfaction. It makes sense to outsource this function to an experienced third party with resources scalable to meet return fluctuations.
We can offer the following return based services...
Reshipping damaged/lost shipments
Recounting / Sorting
Visual inspection of returned product
Repackaging/restocking service
Replacing outdated packaging
Disposal of rejected materials
Our proprietary online ticketing system provides you with all the information you need in order to track the progress of all your shipments. Shipping reports, tracking information, receiving reports, and orders all are stored and logged in this online system and is updated in real-time.
Shipping Container Unload
Direct imports are on the rise, container shipments are now becoming the industry norm. NRFS 3PL warehousing provides efficient container unloading. NRFS will inspect, stage, and palletize all container freight.

If you have an immediate need for special or custom projects please contact us immediately.
We are set up to begin your project tomorrow!