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Walmart: MABD

Walmart's MABD: Let's map success

When Walmart introduced it’s MABD program, it introduced some of the toughest compliance regulations in the industry.  

Many supply chains and logistic companies struggled to get the lead time just right. 

Having to get your product to the distribution centers within a specific time frame takes a good understanding of how certain carriers operate and distribute along with the actual transit distance between you and the distribution center you are shipping to. 

Any shipment that doesn’t make the MABD is fined by Walmart. 

A late shipment fee is 3% of the cost of the goods, which can really quickly add up and devastate small-medium sized businesses. 

National Retail Fulfillment Services

We at NRFS have mapped it out with ease. Not only did we succeed at learning the transit times better, we gained a deep knowledge of the inner workings of many of the big name carriers our customers often use. Using shipping history and known transit times , we were even able developed an algorithm to perfectly have our shipments arrive the day of or the day before it’s due. Well within the MABD guidelines assuring our customers never receive late fines. 

NRFS: 3PL & More

National Retail Fulfillment Services is a 3PL provider located outside of Chicago, IL. We are capable of handling your business’ warehousing, shipping and storage. 

B2B Fulfillment

Walmart isn’t the only retailer that has strict compliance regulations. We ship to many other large retailers like Walmart or Kroger and are confident that we can help you fulfill your orders.

OTIF Need Help?

Looking to save on shipping costs? Some suppliers have switched to collect.  OTIF is another program like the MABD, with additional regulations and compliance requirements. 

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